Wearing Sneakers to the Office

Bring your running shoes in the office is often a quick and convenient solution for those who are not too fond of high heels or dress shoes. But not all go well, we see the most recommended models to wear at work

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The sneakers at the foot are perfect for those who love the comfort and style not too pretentious. From the gymnastics shoes, if coupled with the put right, they can be a perfect solution for any occasion. Especially at work. Many expect that a woman goes to work in high heels, but it is not and ought not so. Women who love the sports shoes can be just as elegant of a woman in business suit and stiletto heel. But let’s see what are the most recommended models to wear in the office

Zespa Suede Low Tos Sneaker

This shoe from the classical model, clear and light, is perfect for a day’s work. Not too flashy and therefore a minimal and elegant design looks great paired with jeans or even a gray suit male cut. Perfect for those who love fresh and youthful style.

ALDO Naicam Sherpa-Lined Sneaker

For the colder months as these are the most appropriate sneakers. Dark colors lend themselves to being combined to put winter, as well as the inner coat allows you to stay warm but remaining elegant.

Superga Rosette Aplliquéd Satin Sneaker

The Superga are the shoes that never go out of fashion, and this model is perfect for those who like a glamorous style but the hand. Are in fact perfect if you have to spend the day at the office and want to convey a feeling of lightness, but at the same time seriously.

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Zara Platform Sneakers

This shoe is perfect for those who love the convenience, but at the same time has a creative spirit who likes pleasure. These shoes Zara, as well as getting up a few centimeters, give the eye for the detail design. Recommended if you need to make a presentation of a project and you need to have eyes on you.

Miu Miu Suede Cap-Toe Sneakers

If you love sneaker super glamorous designs these are the ones they do for you. If you like to wear accessories that catch our eye, these Sneaker Miu Miu are the perfect match. Accompanied to a more neutral set, the element that “clashes” intentionally make you look women of character and ready to risk. Perfect if you have an office responsible role.

Jimmy Choo Miami Low Top Trainers

Very suitable for the spring, these shoes convey sympathy and adaptability. The pastel color and white soles are ideal for a first day of work, if you need to communicate the availability and openness to your colleagues.

Steve Madden Climber in Burgundy Suede

The sneaker for those who love to appear decisive and accommodation have this sneakers Chanel featured on shoe-wiki. The warm color combined with a “battle” design express a strong air of command, and who is not willing to compromise. Perfect if you expect a day of discussion with your boss for something that you care about.