Wearing Jogging Pants

All the shelters! Jogging is back in trend, and for most of us, the port of the Beast looks painful. How to wear? Nevertheless, Linda does the job.

Spring Summer 2009 will be sport, at least it would be a little and failing to get everyone to jogging (the race), it offers to everyone jogging

(clothing). It’s as well as Diesel, Maje, Sandro or Isabel Marant are of the very casual cotton gray moletonne pants mottled, a must for summer midshipman. Nervous laugh.

You thought the sweatpants it was only good for sportsmen, retirees and the bosses of the cities. Error! It of back and becomes same ZE pants of coolness- and cool, going to dare to wear… For my part, I already struggle to have the class with normal pants, then jogging, be clear right away: I’ll pass.

But since my profession make me, I will cause you even in the coming pages.Professional rigour to the end.

Jogging: usage guide 2009

Grey mottled, ample and shortened, jogging fashion version looks like 2009. The top and the shoes are less important. As long as we do not associate him a sports jacket, a coordinated sweater and a pair of sharks, jogging is fine (bustier, jarmon jean, trench coat, t-shirt louse, Spartans, boots,…).

The idea is to make a basic casual ‘, as comfortable as leggings, and as stylish or current than a harem pants. We do too much or not enough and this pants very casual, you can come to associate the air of nothing a pinch of moditude. Beautiful well-born plants, just a pair of sandals, a long tank top, a man’s shirt to tile and a mascara. To others, it will take the chance. Good luck!

Da Jog-Game

Can you (800zipcodes) wear jogging pants this season? To make sure, test your skills with our great game of the intruder, Da Jo-Game. Among the 4 characters in photo below, an intruder slipped. Can you flush it out? Beware, there may be some traps!

So according to you, which of these individuals according to the lot? Why? Bringing the best jogging? Who has the most class? And you, you’re jogging pants this season?