Wearing a Bra can be Detrimental to Your Health

The piece is considered almost a must in the women’s wardrobe, but it can cause from back pain to atrophiation

The vanity and fear of gravity always imposed on women the question of a bra, that if you do not wear it, your breasts will be drooping, shapeless, or your body will not look pretty, with that perfect neckline of push-ups, However, a survey done in France begins to investigate the consequences of not wearing the bra.

Research by Jean-Denis Rouillon’s medical team at the University Hospital Center in Besançon surveyed about 130 women who had taken up the challenge of not wearing a bra for years to get their effects evaluated.The results began to appear and were disclosed on the radio France Info during an interview granted by Dr. Rouillon himself, who, by medical, anatomical and physiological view, the bra is a false necessity and that the accessory even atrophy the breasts, which do not Benefit from the use of the intimate piece.Contrary to belief, the women analyzed had lower rates of back pain and the breasts were firm and shaped more naturally, without falling.

The results are still preliminary and it is not yet possible to state definitively that the bra should be banned, because the sample of women analyzed represents a small slice of the population, still far from a number that is enough to claim that the piece should be abandoned .Recalling that the research was done in a medical and disregards any aspect of fashion.

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