We Love Armcandy: Bracelets in Summer

At the moment the summer is still a bit weak, but I am sure that it will not last long and we finally stroll around the area again short-sleeved and in a good mood. The perfect season is set to finally showcase the latest bracelets and bracelets, which had to hide under wool layers and coats in winter.

There is simply nothing better than to show the latest jewelery trends finally times the world. Especially the fashionable watch brands such as DKNY, Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs can be combined so beautifully with many beautiful bracelets and an end of this trend is not in sight.

I have a bit in our assortment and a few nice things, which can be combined in the summer wonderful to the favorite clock. At the moment it is the roségolden clocks, which my heart in the storm have conquered and which one can combine wonderfully with equal- colored bracelets or alternatively with colorful bracelets at 3rjewelry.com.
Absolute highlight is still everything from Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs. There are really many beautiful things to be found here and the current line of jewelery by Michael Kors also makes a lot of. Here you will find numerous superschöner bracelets, which can be combined with the most diverse watches.

It is of course not a must to carry the bracelets only to watches, if you just do not want to grab the timepiece, one can combine the beautiful bracelets and ribbons also excellently among themselves or also like to wear solo.