Ways to Wear Skirts in the Winter

This isn’t because the mercury is falling (necessarily) to store our long skirts. And for good reason, their Bohemian look particularly fits the trends of the season. Here are our three ways to wear it without making mistakes.

Seventies revival requires, the long skirt plays extensions. Usually reserved for the beautiful days, she invites you this year in our locker
room in winter, which is not displeasing to us. Because the long skirt this

advantage to lengthen the silhouette, to hide our legs which sometimes complexent us and provide a desirable ultra bourgeois-Bohemian style. Retro version, sportswear or grunge, discover our three ways to wear in pictures in the slide that follows.

The long skirt retro version

Whether we like it or not, the long skirt always gives a little vintage effect to our pace. So, we play the game of the retro look with ankle boots with laces and a leather bag slung do you wear a sweater with collar ball. We structure all with a belt coming to refine the silhouette while providing a touch of 30 years. The detail that kills? A touch of red lipstick ultra to enhance stability.

Skirt long version sportswear

Contrary to appearances, the long skirt is not reserved for the ultra feminine and romantic outfits. She deals very well with parts sportswear like this sweater to message Swildens and white sneakers. But be careful to not draw in his gym bag, the effect could be more hazardous than. Complete her look with a little bling-bling pieces like a watch and a flexible pouch gold. Ensure in long skirt without even force.

The long skirt grunge version

No need to draw heels at each exit in a skirt, on the Physicscat. To get it unstuck a bit, it does not hesitate to wear with boots bikers or rangers and a worthy of our grunge Plaid Shirt (if, if the 1993). We take care however to pot in the skirt, history of not completely resemble a rock touring singer. Eventually a pair of earrings and a bag bucket, our favorite accessory of the season.