Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

For each exercise, our body needs an adequate supply of water. During the biking, you need to choose how to transport a soda. There are two possibilities: the water bottles and bags of water. To choose well, focus on practice and on their needs.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack


The bottles have a lesser capacity than water pockets. For leisure outings of 2/3:00 (according to the outside temperature), a bottle of 900ml will be enough to hydrate. Generally placed in a holder, are very practical because easily accessible during stress. For the longest rides on the road, the bicycles can be equipped with extra water bottle cages or carry a backpack. Traditionally, road cyclists generally prefer the bottle the water pouch, which is bulkier.

For MTB enthusiasts who practice often releases of long duration on the busiest, it is best to choose a water pouch. Easier to use thanks to the pipe, you can drink while continuing to pedal. The bottle would be harder to manipulate such strong pace according to Topschoolsintheusa. The water pocket has a larger capacity and can carry enough liquid. To choose a suitable model to determine the needs according to the duration, of the difficulty of the routes and climate:

– for long paths and of medium difficulty:

  • with temperate climate, lightweight bag is sufficient for small and medium capacity;
  • in hot weather, the bag should also ensure good ventilation.

– for long paths and fix supported, choose a lightweight bag but with a good maintenance and excellent ventilation system: comfort is essential to remain powerful and take advantage of the trail!

– for very long paths, of any difficulty, the bag should offer a large capacity of water (at least 3l). The volume of the backpack is also important for the transport features and accessories. You have to consider things to carry, then the capacity and magazines found in his backpack. Retention is also important for this type of practice.


All bottles are similar and differ only a few features:

  1. The capacity

You can pick up water bottles more or less voluminous, ranging from 550ml to 1l.

  1. Compatibility with door-bottles

It is essential to check the compatibility of the bottle with the water-bottle carrier or what you want to buy. Some bottles are compatible with many door-bottles. You can choose the pack that propose canteen and water-bottle carrier.

  1. Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the canteen is an important feature. Test the grip, which must be secure to prevent accidents if you lose your water bottle, while pedaling.

  1. Thermal insulation

The heat insulation of the water bottle especially in hot weather, is a key feature that allows you to enjoy fresh water during stress.


  1. Capacity

The capacity of a water bag generally varies between 2 and 3l.

  1. Volume

The volume of the bag depends on what must be transported during the excursions. There are water pockets with a large volume (13L) for 1 day. There are also pockets of water with a small volume (0, 5l), sufficient for keys and wallet, with a small footprint and very short trips.

  1. Weight

During long rides can be affected by the weight of the bag. Most read-locks are more comfortable and do not weigh on his shoulders.

  1. Multi compartment

The magazines are important for transporting different items. The water pockets can be equipped with many magazines but also of zippered pockets, very practical because easily accessible.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is a necessity in hot weather. Good ventilation allows excellent air circulation and prevents a build up of sweat in his back. Decreases the feeling of wet back.

  1. Maintenance

The correct maintenance of the backpack is essential, especially during sports bike. A system of waist straps and chest straps ensure a good maintenance and prevent the bag moves from side to side at every turn of the pedals.