Watches with Mesh Bracelet

How does one best up the delicate mesh? …

Watches with mesh bracelet is not something you see every day. Generally speaking, there are the leather and steel link encountered on a normal day at work or tavern. But it is not to mesh bracelet is not neat, no, really, it’s actually a bit of a mystery why you do not see them more frequently, they are actually extremely neat and elegant.

Since we would like to see more clocks of this kind in the wild so we have written together this highest educational guide to how best to carry a bell with mesh bracelet!

What kind watches fit mesh bracelet?

Mesh bracelets are usually thin and delicate. So unlike their cousin, the classic steel link, they fit together best with a little more elegant out. A mesh bracelet to a large and powerful Omega Seamaster example, would not look particularly well thought out.
A rule of thumb is that the larger the watch is, the worse it fits together with a mesh bracelet.

What kind of dress suits watches with mesh bracelet for?

As you can read in fashionruling: ” 5 Fashion Rules to match the clock with the outfit ” as works watches with metal bracelet really good to most outfits. But mesh bracelet must say that not to be confused with classical rough steel link. Steel link is more casual and more dressed the mesh, so think about it before you pups away with a watch with mesh bracelet in a pair of shorts and flip flops.

If we use the info graphics below, I would rather say that a watch with mesh bracelet more consistent with a chronograph with leather strap than a diver / pilot . Stylish to the more dressy styles, but a bit off if you drive max-dressed ( tux / tailcoat ) or sporty.


Here are some inspiring pictures of beautiful watches with mesh bracelet.


Just because you do not see watches with mesh bracelet so often so it does not mean it does not work, on the contrary, it is the wine nicely when you combine them with the right kind of outfit.

Here are 3 short stilråd regarding mesh bracelet:

  1. Mesh is more dressy than ordinary steel link, think of it when you choose the outfit
  2. Try to stick to a color of the metal in your outfit.Do you drive a watch in pink gold, you should either skip the belt, or venture out in search of something as rare as a buckle in rose gold
  3. When choosing the metal on your watch, you should first take stock of your closet and ask yourself if you can match it with any

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