Warning: New Type of SMS Fraud

A new type of Australian SMS scams trying to delude people into thinking that they are going to get killed by an assassin.

You wonder sometimes over networks and telephone svindleres creativity, and other times disgusted one of their cynical behavior.

A new Australian SMS fraud belongs to the last category.

Thousands of Australians have received the death threats via SMS or email from people pretending to be paid assassins. It writes our site.

Along with the death threat is a requirement for payment of 5,000 dollars, if people want to get rid of being murdered.

-“Someone has paid me to kill you. If you want to be saved, then you have 48 hours to transfer the 5,000 dollars. Do you tell it to the police or anyone else, so is death a warranty, it sounds, among other things, in the message. ”

Brian Hay, who is Chief of police by the Queensland Police, take the matter very seriously and calls on the people to refrain from responding to the messages, which are organized crime. However, he expects that some people already have been duped.

-“What is extraordinary in this case, is the scope, which covers most of Australia. I have never seen before. But people should refrain from responding, “he said, according to CNN.

There is so far no sign that this type of SMS scams have come to Denmark.