WARMTH Baza Sleeping Bag

Test conditions

  • Test Location: Massif du Toubkal in Morocco
  • Nights: 12 (8 and 4 tent under the stars)
  • Conditions: minimum temperature recorded: 5 ° C
  • Clothing: Simple shorts

Sleeping Bag Features

  • Bag Type: Unisex down
  • Shell: 100% polyamide
  • Interior Fabric: 100% polyamide
  • Filling: 600 g Down Nordic duck and goose cuin 700 (90/10 equivalent) excellent in 15 compartments, building silos bands from 60 to 100 mm.
  • Specifications: adjustable hood-Tightening collar and hood with cord – double slider zips, double anti cold rub rail-Interior pocket-Combinable with zips on the right or left-Comes with carrying case and storage case.
  • Weight: 1 100 g announced, weighed 1046 g (+ 40 g for the compression bag)
  • Size: (length / shoulder / foot): 225/86/60 cm to 180 cm model
  • compressed volume: 17 x 36-about 8.2 liters
  • Color: orange
  • Manufacturing location: Poland
  • Price: € 279.00
  • Temperature :
    • Comfort: -5 ° C
    • Limit comfort: nc
    • Extreme comfort: -13 ° C
  • heat index (the weight in kg x duvet cu): 420
  • Our comfort temperature: T ° comfort = -0,0413x heat index + 14.1 = -3.25
  • Heat Index / weight ratio: 401.53
  • Report comfort temperature / weight: 1.01
  • Report our comfort temperature / weight: 0.99
  • Heat Index / volume ratio: 31.11
  • Report comfort temperature / volume: 12.83
  • Report our comfort temperature / volume: 13.06

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Test the sleeping bag in Morocco

Yet Sleeping bags are distributed in pimasleepingbags under the name of Warmth in the shop Expé . The brand has a very good reputation. I tested for myself sleeping bag Baza for 12 nights – 8 and 4 tent under the stars – in the Moroccan High Atlas.

Unpack the bag, I noticed that the volume of the bag is moderately high (8.2 liters). My trek in the Toubkal being made with an agency, I do not have to drag the sleeping bag into a backpack. At the time, the volume does not matter to me but if I had put it in a backpack, I would find a little too large.

Bag Comfortable temperature is-5 ° C and extreme temperature to -13 ° C. Yet the label hung on down announces an operating temperature between-5 /-13 degrees celcius. Labeling error? Anyway, I never got cold during use or in tents or under the stars even if I have not pushed the sleeping bag to its temperature limits.

Down is very pleasant to touch. It has the sweetness of a duvet. Once inside, one is in a comfortable cocoon. Its color is very nice.

Down is spacious. It is rare not to be cramped in a blanket. There is the downright comfortable.

The outer fabric of the sleeping bag is windproof and waterproof. For nights under the stars, it’s perfect. The windbreaker works perfectly. For waterproofing, I could not test it because it did not rain during the trek.

What magic to sleep warm while watching the stars!

The hood closes with a cord; the collar is also adjustable at the shoulders. Good point also for finishes, double zipper allows also open the bag to toe when it gets too hot. In passing, we note the bellows at the zip feet, avoiding the cold to make and keep the feet warm.