Warm Color Palette Home Decor

We will show you a stylish home, located in a ski resort in northern Spain. Consider this beautiful mountain house with a warm interior wall decor.

Tiling on the walls, columns and joist, as well as the massive staircase made of logs at the heart of the charm of this home. This choice of designers brings a sense of direct connection with nature outside. Sloping ceilings and uniform furnishings throughout the home are another prerequisite for comfort and warmth in the interior.

Looking into the living room, we find a table of stiff wooden slats, like those which were made cabinets in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom closet. The furniture in the nursery also follow the concept of the overall decor in the home. This uniformity ensures a feeling of comfort in every room of the mountain house.

Colors are a major factor in creating a warm interior. Bright and soft colors are the choice of designers in this case. White, beige, gray and brown are balanced with light accents in yellow and orange. Wood paneling throughout the house are in line with colored in light gray walls of the rooms. Black and white framed photographs did give a modern touch of home. Colorful cushions on the sofas and fresh flowers on the table further enhance the mood.

To emphasize the natural look of the house and the rooms look bright maximum, designers have decided to no blinds and curtains in the home. The window frames themselves are massive and impressive enough, but skosove ceiling allows easier penetration of sunlight into the rooms.

This beautiful mountain home is inspiring. Be sure to see it!