Wallpapering Tips Where to Start

Actually Styrofoam is already long out of fashion. Nevertheless, there are still one or the other apartment, used in Styrofoam panels as insulation for the wall. If it can be done, you should always remove the plates from the wall. In rental housing that is of course not so easily possible. Do you want to install with little effort and without having to remove polystyrene from the wall wallpaper, you need to consider some.

What’s on Styrofoam Plates so Special?

One you must be clear before wallpapering: Styrofoam plates are not wallpapered underground and wallpaper on styro foam not a good idea. A simple primer is not enough here to provide the appropriate wallpaper underground. You should also keep in mind before wallpapering lot. Styrofoam plates are flammable and therefore pose a security risk. You should also check closely the walls behind the insulation layer before paper. Due to temperature differences can cause condensation to form and mold growth. Styrofoam can namely the moisture on the walls do not dry because it shuts off this. So there might be quickly nasty surprises if the wallpaper comes in Styrofoam.

If you have the opportunity, you should always remove the wallpaper as suggested by a2zwallstickers, especially interior insulation with styrofoam plates bring no resounding success anyway. The mold does not come at the junction styrofoam / wallpaper, but on the connecting wall / styrofoam.By decorating, plastering or other surface jobs on the polystyrene is additionally prevents condensation dries.

Without Proper Underground Goes nix

Styrofoam plates are extremely absorbent. It is not enough to raise a low base. Here you should definitely with Makulaturtapete, also called Rollenmakulatur work. Before the wallpaper comes on to the Styrofoam, you should apply a bonding agent.This consists of Ovalit P (Adhesive for Styrofoam) and about 20% water, which is applied with a roller.

Now bring on the Rollenmakulatur. Here too, you should use the glue-a special paste with high adhesion-fix about 15% Ovalit T (adhesive booster for heavy wallpaper). The adhesive amplifier is necessary so that the seams hold even if the actual wallpaper it depends. The Trockungsspannung might otherwise open the seams of the lower wallpaper again.

After a sufficient drying time, you can now apply the desired wallpaper on Styrofoam.You should definitely opt for a breathable, breathable wallpaper. In processing you should work very clean and correct, because easily it can lead to problems with the unsuitable ground. Chapped seams and folds may arise from the different Trockungsspannungen. Before the actual wallpaper should therefore underground and Rollenmakulatur be thoroughly dried and are crease-resistant.