Wallpaper Tips for Baby Room

Wallpaper is not new in baby rooms, on the contrary, the colors and graphics printed by this element have already been used and abused by parents when decorating this environment. According to Lilibee creative director Dani Mataresi, what’s new when it comes to baby room wallpaper is an increase in the mix of different prints and colors and the return of some images, such as watercolors.

Baby Room Decor Trends.

In terms of colors, the professional informs that the pink and the blue remain the champion of sale. However, gray is the new beige and has stood out to decorate men’s rooms. “Mixing colors on different walls and papers is also a trend. Before, the villager bet on a single color, now there is a mix in the environment, “he says.

The main bet of Dani Mataresi, of Lilibee, like tendency, are the trend watercolors wallpapers. The traces, which have been used for some years, return in both abstract and more realistic designs and promise to leave this environment more childish, delicate and cozy.

How To Use Wallpaper In A Baby Room?

The creative director of Lilibee Dani Mataresi informs that when decorating this space, the first step is not to choose the wallpaper, but to discover the tastes of the parents. “You have to understand the colors that the parents like the most, the elements they admire and would like to insert in the room,” she says.

Mistakes In The Application Of Wallpaper In Baby Room.

Creative director Lilibee, Mataresi is a specialist in the subject and informs that the main mistake is the superstimulus. “The decoration of a baby’s room should not be thought only in aesthetic terms, but in the sensations that it will provoke. When choosing the wall stickers, you must avoid strong colors or blends that stimulate the baby’s attention very much. If he gets very stimulated, he may have difficulty sleeping, for example, “the professional reports.

Another quite common mistake is related to the wallpaper application. Although many are locals who imagine have the necessary skills to apply it, there are techniques mastered by experts and avoid bubbles and targeting errors, for example. Sometimes investing in this professional can come out cheaper than trying to apply and making a mistake.