Wall Stickers: How to Put

When the years and looked at our House, we see that there’s something missing, something of a different look. So we decided to paint the House, yes that changes a lot, brings a joy and a better visual. But after the House painted, again we look at the walls and we want to decorate them. There is entering what will be shown here. The wall stickers are ideal to change the look and bring satisfaction and fill that vacant space on the wall.


To paste the adhesive on the wall first checks the location where the adhesive will stay. Chosen the wall take a cloth and pass on the wall to remove any dirt that may be on the wall. This cleaning procedure if necessary to keep from getting low adhesive residues.

Now take the tape and cut a few pieces that will serve to mark the place where will be the adhesive. Now grab the patch and still don’t make any removal of the adhesive paper this protected. Place it on the wall and the tape stick the adhesive gluing pieces of tape on top of the adhesive. Take a few steps back and look at the angle at which he this is the desired.

Stickers that go to the footer have no need to measure, which are small and in various adhesives search puts them at a height of a subway and a half more or less at the level of your eyes. Some may be on the bottom and at the top of the wall look have this measurement to the wall as the central part of the theme of the adhesive.

Now with the adhesive glued in place with tape, wrap the plastic spatula on the sticker for the adhesive glue on the paper which will transfer it to the wall. Pass several times the spatula firming well more carefully not to tear and remembering that still does not deprive it of any of the papers. Passed the spatula around the sticker you will now remove the wall, marking the spot with the tape. Cole tape above, below and on the sides of where he’s going to be.

Now remove the paper protecting the adhesive carefully and slowly, observing if getting adhesive on transfer paper. If you check that this setting returns the paper and pass the scraper again and then remove the paper. Remove all paper, now put the adhesive on the spot marked with tape and paste it on the wall only the part decima first and without taking the role Protractor.

With the sticker pasted on the wall pass again the spatula for the whole area of the wallpaper. Pass middle to side coming from top to bottom. After spending well the spatula, now remove slowly and always watching if the adhesive is fixing on the wall if you are staying in the role cole again, pass the spatula and remove again the role until all and adhesive are all glued to the wall.