Wall Stickers for Decoration-Where to Buy

Currently decorative are a strong trend in decorating environments, smart and modern, a great option for decorating an environment without spending a lot. They are easy to apply and very versatile, with many different colors, sizes and designs, make possible the renewal of the environments and give a special touch without the dirt and the breaking of the reforms, in addition to being much better than the old wallpaper.

The price of stickers varies according to your size and shape, and can be applied on walls, Windows, doors and even bathroom, either at home or in a commercial environment. This type of project is with the client’s face, more original, giving a touch of personality in every environment.

In the dining room the colors of the adhesive must be neutral or match the color or details of the furniture, so the visual is much more interesting and enjoyable, a good example is the black adhesive that is beautiful and chic in the corner of the wall. In the kitchen you can use more vibrant colors like orange or red, because arouse the appetite.

In the girls room, pink stickers are the most sought after, as well as custom stickers and the already known grounds of heart, circles, butterflies, flowers and song lyrics. To the boys room you can buy a bumper sticker some cartoon Ben 10 or Spider-man, or opt for sports such as football stickers, skate or even cars. Remember, ask color stickers rooms brighter and relaxing, especially the children.

The adhesive runner wins more life and becomes more bright, a good tip is to paint a wall of any color that matches the design chosen. They can also be used in external environments, a garden or an area that typically are plain and simple, the adhesive will leave the place more cozy and charming.

If your adhesive does not start from the floor you must put it to 1.60 m from the floor, thus the object is centered in the space and the environment is balanced, which is necessary to cause the impression of balance and beauty to your guests. It is not advisable to use more than two or three colors in your environment, colors like yellow, red and Orange are indicated for targeted houses to the North, for very large spaces where they give an effect of proximity to the walls. Cool colors are suitable for small environments, set to the South, which can be complemented with white and pastel tones.

Check out craftinlearning.com where you can find a decorative sticker that satisfies your taste and need:

Kitsart is an online store with over 350 decorative stickers in different colors and shapes, your purchase can be splitted up to 12 x and on purchases above R$200,00 shipping is free. Visit the site Kisart and choose the model of your choice.

The Cazulo site has more than 260 different models of adhesives, divided in lines, Floral, phrases, Kids, kitchen, switches, Ideograms, Just 4 Princess and signed, with designs created by your own team of illustrators. In addition to the Chalk line, where the patches work as blackboards where you can exercise the imagination or leave notes, this patch still accompanies chalk and eraser. For more information visit the website Cazulo.

The “Stuck-wall stickers” is another site to buy your decorative sticker. You can customize your sticker with your photo, or even give in the form of a gift card, the purchase of Corujitas Grove line stickers you get seeds for planting, releases the shipping is free, and in other lines, the shipping is free for purchases over R$149,90. Choose the models on the site Stuck.