Wall Stickers for Cooking: How to Put

The kitchen is the room more functional for a House, but she needs to stop being nice and being decorated. It is perfectly possible to devise a good decoration to this place of residence, leaving her beautiful, pleasant to cook and make all the required activities.

One of the ways to decorate the kitchen without spending a lot of money and giving more life to the environment is through the stickers, which can be placed very practice. In addition, this material is easy to find in any store or at anylistintheus.com. See below for how to put wall stickers for kitchen step by step.


First start by choosing what kind of adhesive you want to use to decorate the kitchen. Among the models of adhesive you can find drawings of household items such as dishes, Cookware, knives and forks or flowers that make the site more enjoyable and receptive.

Take care to choose a sticker that does not have a lot of glue, because otherwise he can generate a kind of Goo on the site, when the drawing is removed.

Then evaluate the available space for the drawings, from there you can set the size of the stickers. After acquiring the material begins to prepare the wall for making the application. Therefore, first clean the place out of all stains and dirt residues.

Once this is done, dry the spot with a cloth. Then remove the plastic protection from the adhesive and place it on the wall, place your hands on the material and press to promote a good fixing. The drawings can be placed both on the walls that have no mobile as upon the areas where are the stove or sink.

In this case, try pasting the sticker at least five feet above the Cabinet, to concentrate a lot of information in one place. Already on the walls that are free is possible to place the stickers from the bottom to the top area.

It is not recommended to put many stickers on the same wall, the ideal is that they are arranged in different sides, making opposition. Look for a combination between the colours of the stickers and the furniture that are situated in the kitchen.

If the furniture you can use are colorful designs in cheerful tones, just be careful not to disrupt the environment decoration. recommended let cozy colors in harmony.