Wall Sticker FAQs

Wall stickers adhere to all types of surface?
Smooth surfaces are suitable best, lais surface to low texture like orange skin effect are also suitable.
For good results, once the sticker is placed on the wall (keeping the installation transfer film), let stand an hour. Every 15 minutes, press a dry cloth on the surface of the sticker. This will allow the adhesive decombler the imperfections of the wall facilitating the removal of the transfer film.

Wall Sticker FAQs

What other surfaces wall stickers are?
Our stickers can be applied to any smooth surface such as ceiling, glass, waxed concrete, smooth metal, tile, plastic surfaces and varnished or lacquered wooden furniture. Keep in mind, that under the surface will be porous, the more grip.

What surfaces are to be avoided?
The plaster: not only, there is no grip, but you risk to Pierce and damage your sticker. The stickers adhere not on materials with fiber (straw Japanese, etc.), or on a blank canvas (non-peints). Laying on paper surfaces is recommended if you want to paste your sticker in a definitive way. The stickers are hard to remaining paper or wallpaper.

Can – you stick them in a bathroom?
Perfectly, but not right after a shower! The walls must be completely dry before installation to allow the adhesive to take. You can paste our wall stickers on your walls, your tiles, your shower curtain and even your toilet, if you feel like!

Is it easy?
Take-off is easy. Lift up a corner with a nail and remove delicately the wall sticker. If you have applied the stickers on surfaces like glass, we recommend that you spend a little bit of dry hair (position low heat), to heat the sticker and release the adhesive easier yet more removal.

Will there be-it traces? And my painting?
No, wall stickers of Bridgat will leave no trace of glue on your walls. As we cannot guarantee the condition of every surface prior to installation, it is that very rarely, a few paint chips remain glued to the back of the sticker. An adjustment might be necessary.