Wall Clock with Fabric

No one likes to miss an important appointment, isn’t it? How about join business with pleasure and decorate your home with your own style? Be it with custom fabric with transfer of some special, as your favorite print and don’t forget to put buttons that match the decor. Come learn how to make a wall clock with fabric in just a minute. That’s right! Super fast and easy. Come on?

You will need:

Base in MDF to watch





Clock machinery

White glue


Step by step video:

Position the MDF base in the middle of the fabric and trace a line with the pen off the base and into the hole that’s machinery. Cut the fabric at risk and book! Apply flexament on MDF base and with the help of brush spread the glue, and you can also learn the steps from LISTOFUSNEWSPAPERS.COM. Then place the fabric cut in round shape with scissors and stick the middle of the fabric. Turn the MDF base and put the machinery in order: hours, minutes, and seconds. Trace the points of hours on MDF base and then paste the buttons. A tip is to put in the hours: 3, 6, 9 and 12, different buttons to stand out among the others.

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