Volte-Speech on 4 G, Is Now in the Air

Now does voice calls also on commercial 4 g LTE network.

It seems a little strange, but until now have not had the opportunity to make ordinary voice calls over the new 4 g LTE network.

The new 4 g LTE network works a bit differently than normal 2 g and 3 g networks, as the LTE network are so-called IP network where traffic will be treated as data traffic.

That is why we cannot in the same way as on 2 g/3 g make voice calls, and this particular issue has netværksingeniørene been campaigning intensively with the last couple of years.

In the spring of our site could tell, got to Qualcomm and Ericsson had conducted successful tests with the circle, and as recently as last month told us that the producers of mobile phone components also are getting ready for the circle.

Now the circle so finally been commercially introduced in both Korea and the United States. In the United States has the regional telecommunications company MetroPCS just launched 4 g LTE network on the company, the circle while in South Korea were SK Telecom, who ran with the honour to launch the country’s first VoLTE compatible 4 g network.

Yet, the Committee is of the VoLTE compatible phones, however, extremely limited, but with the introduction of the VoLTE on commercial 4 g LTE network, so is now paved the way for the launch of many more phones.