Voice and SMS on 4 g LTE (VoLTE) Now Works in Practice

New demonstration of the circle shows that voice calls over 4 g now also works outside the network manufacturers’ laboratories.

The lack of support for the circle is one of the major stops for the rollout of 4 g on mobile phones, which we have previously written about.

But now the company Renesas Mobile Corporation, who makes reference designs for mobile phones, demonstrated VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and SMS on a Nokia Siemens Networks 4 g LTE network.

This marks a big step in the direction of voice calls and SMS on the 4 g network.

Renesas Mobile used Android 4.0 based phones to carry out the demonstration, and calls and text messages were sent via a Nokia Siemens Networks based network.

The demonstration shows that the VoLTE and SMS messages can now be made of commercially available 4 g LTE equipment.

4 g LTE has so far only been used for data, voice and SMS while still using 2 g or 3 g network. With the new demo made on commercially available equipment, so is the use of the circle moved a big step closer.