Virtual Stores Sunglasses

Currently, the internet has several stores, they are specialized in clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, home furnishings, and even sunglasses. Often, consumers are drawn to these sites by the pre that are noticeably more lower than those practiced in physical stores, and in this case, well worth buying over the internet.

Check out some sites that sell sunglasses with good prices:

Shop The Glasses

The Shop of the glasses is a super reliable virtual store that resellssunglasses and degree of several famous chests as Mormaii, Carmin, Carrera, absurd, Nike, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban, Victor Hugo, Vigue, Evoke, HB, among others .

The online store has free shipping for all Brazil, and accepts payment through various credit cards, such as Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard, plus payment via Bank and debit cards by the Bank of Brazil. Visit the website:

Univisão Shop

The Univisão Shop is a great online store that works with the best brands of glasses, and has several models, from the most basic to the most expensive and exquisite. The site has several famous brands, and brands such as Benetton, Cavale, Evoke, Iron, Mormaii, Nike, Oakley, Plaboy, Red Nose, Valley, Vogue, Ray Ban, Kipling, HB, among others, and in addition to offering sunglasses, also has glasses frame of degree, contact lenses and accessories for glasses maintenance.

The payment of purchases made on Univisão Shop can be made via credit cards such as Visa, Diners, Mastercard, Amex, cash and Bank of Brazil. For more information about the store, visit the website ( or contact the telesales Center 0800 647 6789.

Glasses Shop

The Glasses Shop is a great online store that sells solar goggles and level of six years ago, with a lot of confidence and seriousness. The site has various brands of sunglasses such as Oakley, Mormaii, HB, Evoke, Ray-Ban, Career, absurd, Vogue, Adidas, Ana Hickman, Bausch & Lomb, Speedo, among others, all original. The store still offers free shipping for all Brazil in the case of purchases over R$199,00, discount of up to 10% on purchases paid through Bank and installment up to 12 x without extra charges.

In addition to the glasses, the store still has the Champion watches, Technmos, Mormaii, Orient, Euro, Mondaine, among others, and Acuvue contact lenses, Ciba Vision and Coopervision. To check out the products and offers access to the Glasses Shop (