Violence And Pornographic Videos Spread Rapidly On Mobile Phones By Young People

In some risk groups, violence on mobile phones is an everyday phenomenon, said the Stuttgart-based communication scientist Prof. Petra Grimm. Represented and actual violence are mixed in the mobile videos.
The young people have so afraid to be filmed by perpetrators of violence and thus stamped as a victim. Grimm founded this fear with distribution of videos from mobile phone to mobile phone and over the Internet. Mobile bullying – young people are recorded in embarrassing situations and then disseminated these images – have increased in the past few years, the expert added. Videos are referred to as slapping, striking others without reason.

Actual crimes or trailing scenes?
On the most brutal videos (term snuffing), even murder scenes and rape are distributed according to the scientist. We do not exactly know whether it involves actual crimes or trailing representations. 93 per cent of young people have already heard according to the representative survey of such videos. A test of courage, is to look at this cementing content and redistribute, Grimm said. It will broken a taboo even to the adults to delineate. Many children and adolescents can not digest these images and frighten themselves.

Depictions of violence are particularly widely used on mobile phones by young men with less education. You can counteract such problematic videos only when the subject in the schools, will said Grimm. Pent-up demand is also in families: the vast majority of the parents is ever not interested what is stored on the phones of their children.

Cell phone ban does not help
The adolescents should via be shows of them that it’s not cool to disseminate such videos. Skeptical, the communication scientist to cell phone bans commented on schools. A ban enforced from above does not help, said Grimm. Such a decision but goes back to the initiative of young people, it could make sense.

More recently, there is also a technical solution: A lock to block the mobile violent videos. All mobile phone manufacturers must confront their particular responsibility for youth media protection as soon as possible and their phones technically safe for children make, the Deputy Director of the Media Institute of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein demanded, Wolfgang Bauchrowitz. The most effective prevention of violence in this area stay until then, to train children and young people in dealing with media. (DPA/UL)