Vintage Outfit Idea

You are preparing a new outfit for your future replenishments and you feel like you create a chic dress, a tailor. Here are a few tips.

What form?

Most times it is a fitted jacket, medium length happens to the hips, except for the jacket of a zazou happens under the buttocks.

The details bring a touch of originality: decorative buttons, collar and pocket the original form for example. Jacket and some floral pins, or patriotic at the back of the neck to the shelter of the Nazi gaze.

As in the song of Maurice Chevalier

The skirt panels, pleated, slightly flared. The length is below the knee except for zazou girls, who by their clothes and their blasé attitude causes the occupant Alemand and péténistes.

What fabric?

Cotton gabardine for summer

Wool, velvet for winter

For who ?

Important village women (wife of the mayor, for example), urban women, and farmers who dress for Sunday.

Is it necessary to impose skirt and jacket?

Not necessarily because there were several scenarios for cutting tailor during the Second World War in France.

Get the suit of her husband

As the husband had gone to do, he was trying to retrieve his suit to cover even during a rough cool season. Why not ? you only have to battle the various parts and sew everything. So judging, the jacket was attached to the skirt as a part of vintage outfits defined by

With fabric scraps

You managed to find a coupon range for your tailor. Given the small area you have, it will be difficult to match the jacket and skirt.

With a remainder of fabric

As 40, you’ve found a remnant of fabric that was hanging in your closet. Imagine that the restriction is there, and that piece of cloth which was not thanks to you, suddenly assumes importance. Given the large area you can make a skirt, a jacket, a beret see a coat.

The accessories

It is possible to :

  • wear a hat or a turban made from the same fabric as your suit
  • On match glove and bag for chic events


These tips, I have, after many hours of research. After if you do not follow them, you may be dressed and not dressed. Below pictures to see the difference.