Vintage Hairstyles

Past trends continue in our days, sample, vintage hairstyles that were created in other years and to date remain. Here are some of the hairstyles that are here to stay for long in the taste of women. Enjoy them!

Rockabilly style

Waves lining loose manes or collected with bangs daring, flirtatious inspired by pin-up girls or cheesecake. The predominant colors are red passion, platinum blond and black jet black.

Cabaret style loops

One of the most famous cuts of the 20s was the Cabaret style. This is a cut that follows the line Garçon, with graceful loops to Betty Boop.

Diva Style Classic Film

It is a sensuous styling and sophisticated inviting us to emulate the likes of actresses Vivien Leigh, Maureen O’Hara and Rita Hayworth.

Permanent curls

This look is fresh, dynamic and charming. It came thanks to an invention that revolutionized hairdressing early last century permanent hot, Charles Nessler.

Garçon style

This style focuses comfort short hair, based on men ‘s haircuts, but adapted to the woman who seeks to balance beauty and comfort. In addition, these cuts represent an enterprising, daring and independent woman who, in the 20s, began to enter the labor market. Wear short hair was a symbol of modern woman.

vintage Cyberpunk

Vintage hairstyles with a cyber twist where you can be inspired to get a hairstyle futuristic aesthetic.

Vintage styling Waves

This hairstyle will make you look like in the 60s can use it for some party night and see that you ‘ll look amazing.

vintage Romantic

This hairstyle is ideal for girls who want to marry, as it is elegant, but at the same time inspires tenderness.

Waves with flowers

The chic boho style mixes waves with floral ornaments shaped crown. You’ll look incredibly charming.

Victory Rolls

This hairstyle is not to create a “total look” at the time, but when we used a special occasion, this hairstyle take our style completely to another level.

Now that you know some styles of vintage hairstyles (and even makeup) do not hesitate to try them. You will see that look beautiful and feel amazing.