Vintage “Dusty”

In today’s post I show a house in London, with the grayscale interior and vintage-style, with the tranquility and the elegance of the neutral palette and “dusty”. The color, the atmosphere and the ambiance that was created, produce peace and quiet.

Vintage "Dusty"

The predominance of the neutral palette and especially of ash, make even the protagonist framing all the pieces of antique furniture, reclaimed, along with more modern elements in wood and metal, the touch of vintage industrial flavor is set and perfect, which makes this House an ideal place.
The sole large-format wooden painted white, the tile brick type of New York City subway and the metal tone finishes give the industrial kitchen style, nice and simple. I fell for it completely. For those who want to be inspired in the style, the trick is not to overload the environments, with paintings, photographs, and decorative accessories.
Normally we’re collecting so much and we ended up with a house full of stuff (the times that we don’t even like and without knowing why we keep the piece), far from being minimalist, I think the House in which we live, sleep and work, finally live, have to have heat, identity and show that someone lives there , is not a magazine.

What I have sought to do to find the measurement between the minimalist and the saturation is to separate the parts I think is too much in the environment, so I separate and I notice your I can live without it, is out. More or less what we do when we fixed up the wardrobes for the arrival of a new season.