Vintage 1970s Watches


The years 70′
With the years 70’s appear so-called “TV screen” watches, big boxes and rectangular dials like the televisions at that time, the needles are stylized and colors are popping colors, the watch becomes fun.

By rotor self-winding movement usage becomes widespread and most of these watches are equipped with.Movements, in general, are originating from France draft for the French manufacturing.

As well as watches at counters, which existed since the 30′, make their reappearance at this time. Their reading is not simple and their system of discs and pawls is difficult to fix today, shape fancy their drinks hardly found today are that I find really attractive and fun but I avoid them…

The three large watches makers listed on vintageinconfidential, Seiko, Citizen, and Orient, melt on Europe with watches that offer all options as their automobiles of the era.Automatism, double calendars, shockproof, waterproof, etc… Their Chronographs to the pests look and excellent performance also loving this market. Of course, this will break the momentum of the French assemblers but it will take 80 years and the arrival of the quartz so that they know the true decline…

Thorough well, by being attentive and curious, it is possible to have fun for less than the purchase price of a watch quartz brand or not, certainly more accurate, but you will eventually throw the battery once.

LIP developed in collaboration with famous designers (Roger Tallon, Michel Boyer, personality and others, a large number of original modelswho are sought after by collectors.) These watches are reissued today which allows to acquire more easily because the original models are still quite expensive.

Your vintage will always be the, as well as your watchmaker to maintain it, and this first watch will surely give you the urge to own others.

With time your taste is refined and you then turn to more prestigious brands. My these “small watches” will always keep their charms and you keep them and wear them for a long time and with great pleasure.