Video: See the Multi User Feature in Android

The option of setting up multiple users in Android has now been shown possible in a video, Google says it is dangerous.

Previously mentioned multi-user function that has been spotted in Android 4.1, has now been shown possible in a video where you can see that it is possible to switch between two users on an Android device.

The feature has previously been shown in older Android software, but now the development achieved so far to one user, be able to demonstrate the functionality.

Feature is not yet safe to use, if we are to believe a Google software engineer named Amith Yamasan.

He says to a user who has bruised a software change here, “multi-user feature is not ready for use. Things go wrong if you use it in its current state. ”

He reveals further that Google actually develops on the multi-user function when he says, “this user interface may change based on design changes from our Android team. Unfortunately we can not accept your change. ”

Below you can see picture and video of the feature.