Vibrating Fishing Lure

The vibrating blade

Often left aside by the traditional lure fishermen, lack of confidence or lack of knowledge the vibrating blade or blade is a major asset which can save you from her empty-handed! Back on the front of the stage in recent years in part due to their use in competition, the Reed is today in the most part catalogs.

The design is simple and strong: metal, holes, a nimble and usually a form of fish!But the great advantage of the vibrating blade is certainly its versatility, you can practically achieve with. Some vibrating blades, or even most, has several holes to grip allowing you to vary the swim easily. More you hang forward and more swimming fast, backward and you get a gentle swim!

When fishing with a vibrating blade?

We have seen, the Reed is versatile and will therefore allow you to fish in many circumstances and almost all species of predators present in our waters! Pike, Black bass, pike perch, perch, and same Chub are regularly lured.

Today, it allows to start easily and efficiently in lure fishing.

-It allows sometimes approximate animations.

-Little fragile, due to its design.

-Very good report quality / price.

-Very large felt in the cane!

Feel free also to get out your Reed on salmonids, their reaction is often surprising, and it resists not very long.

Animation of a vibrating blade

Adjust the attachment of your blade on the hole front and you get a lure of fast prospecting, an aggressive swimming, perfect for a linear recovery distant shots.

Move your anchor on the hole in the middle and you get a perfect lure for animations in portrait at the base of your cane. The pike perch snausages!

Finally the hole most to the back of the blade will allow you a slow and soft peach ideal to perform an animation in saw teeth.

A few vibrant blades quality for lure fishing

The megabass Blading X:

A blade very aggressive, vibrant quality. The vibrations are pretty important and triggers of reflex attacks! Available in 10.5 gr and 14gr with six different colors.Only complaint, its fairly high price.

Blade Blade of Gunki Kaiju:

For me one of the best quality / price as often with Gunki! Mounted with double hooks, limiting the hooks on the bottom, the vibrnate Kaiju Blade blade is formidable on percids.

Vibrating blade Kaiju Gunki HERE Blade

There are many others freshwater fishing baits on andrewfishing, almost all brands of fishing has their Reed to you to make your choice!