Vaude Ice Wall Light 200 Sleeping Bags

Test conditions:

  • Test Location: Baronnies and Belledonne
  • Number of nights: 4
  • Accommodation: tent
  • Bivouac conditions: Hot, dry and windy in Baronnies.Cold and wet in Belledonne
  • Clothing: thermal underwear.
  • Recorded T ° min: 5 ° C


  • Type of sleeping bag: down 80/20
  • Specifications: Cup mummy tailored to the female form-Thermo collar insulation-bag for the feet – zip continuous circular that turns sleeping bag cover-pillow compartment inside the hood-inner mesh pocket – fabric soft microfleece in kidneys and collar-DWR Finish (DWR)
  • Shell: 290 T 50D ripstop 100% PES
  • Cloth: 20D 380T 100% PES
  • swelling of quality down: 550
  • Filling: 520 g including 220g of Fiberdown (synthetic fiber made of polyester microfiber) and 300 g Down 80/20 (gray duck down)
  • Weight (with cover): 1200 g
  • compressed volume: cm x cm; 8 l
  • Heat Index (Down weight in kg x cu): 286
  • Heat Index / weight ratio: 238.33
  • Report our comfort temperature / weight: 1.23
  • Report comfort temperature / weight: 1.24
  • Heat Index / volume ratio: 35.75
  • Report our comfort temperature / volume: 8.18
  • Report comfort temperature / volume: 8.24
  • Sizes: 200 cm
  • Colors: rust
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Price: 260,00 €

Temperatures in 13537 (data constructor):

  • : 3 ° C
  • Limit: -2 ° C
  • Extreme: -18 ° C

Calculation of the comfort temperature

T ° (comfort) = -0.0413 x heat index +14.1 = 2.29

Points forts :

  • Cup expanded mummy sleeping bag at the hips and waist which allows to switch easily
  • fleece pocket to set foot
  • Thermo insulating fleece collar
  • Fabric thermal insulation in the pelvis and hips, which enhances the feeling of warmth.
  • Accessories: large mesh pocket, put a pillow compartment in the hood
  • Long side zip

Weak points:

  • pressure collar: it is not possible to adjust
  • Duck down. Goose down is a better relation weight / isolation / sustainability


Construction: 8/10

The cut is adapted to the female form: this sleeping  bag is wider in the hips and pelvis, allowing greater mobility and ease. Along the closure was affixed an elastomeric strip of felt about 3 cm which reinforces the seam at the zip and avoids contact between the tissue and closing. The fabric is pleasant to touch (silky). The collar is tightened with pressure. If the cords can be troublesome for comfort, pressures do not allow to adapt the collar according to the thermicity. Pity !

Thermicity: 8/10

The microfleece fabric and thermal insulation at the bag for the feet, pelvis and collar reinforces the sensation of heat. The large hood that can fully wrap the head helps keep the heat well. The heat in the entire bag is retained. No moisture printing inside the bag.

Praticabilité: 8/10

Storage is easy and compact in a bag that closes with a cord and belt clips. Available on localcollegeexplorer,  this sleeping bag good quality 3 seasons which has a cut adapted to the female body and its soft texture, its color and its multiple accessories will delight more than one!