Valuable Tips to Save Your Wet Shoes from Rain

Yes, there is salvation!
During the summer, one of the most common things-besides, of course, very high temperatures – are the rains. Fast, powerful and fiery, sometimes they are great to help breathing, but may not be as cool as well with our feet.

If you live in Sao Paulo, you know that it rains on all sides – not only from above, as it would be the “expected”-but, regardless of your city, your shoes are never as protected as your head. They are the first victims of those 20 minutes that seem to never end according to carswers.
While no one invents a better way to protect them, the trick is to try to get them back after a rainy day in the summer. The expert and pioneer in comfort shoes Patricia Guedes, PERERE store, gives simple tips and easy to retrieve the key pair:

1. Away from the Sun

Never put the footwear under the Sun to dry, because the Sun’s rays dry leather and fabric, which may damage it even more. The ideal is to let it dry and airy place.

2. Do not use dryer

Warm footwear with hair dryer or dryer also damages materials like leather, fabric and seams, as well as promote the sole disjunction.

3. Let insoles and laces dry separated

Depending on model, the expert indicates remove them so that they dry separately.

4. Paper for leather shoes

If the shoe is leather, put paper inside so that it absorbs any moisture, even though open footwear. The trick is to change the role from time to time until the shoe dry completely.
Once dry, the smooth leather may need a specific moisturizer, found in shoe stores and shoe shops, or beeswax, sold in places that have products for animals. Other types can count on a little bit of Vaseline, leaving there for 24 hours. Remove the next day with a dry cloth.

5. Shoo, stink!

Never store wet or damp shoes – it already avoids much of the chances of getting that smell weird. A simple homemade trick is to put peel of citrus fruits to the shoes rest and be well ventilated. Orange and lemon fulfill this function.

6. Do not rub

For more that will be big, avoid, especially if the shoe is made of suede. If you need, pass a brush softly once dry.

7. To remove stains

Only use a chamois to remove stains or, if necessary, a colorless grease to shine. Just be careful not to stain (more), depending on the color of the shoes.

8. avoid mold

The important reason to let the piece dry thoroughly before storing is not to create mold, moisture and heat who loves to appear. Shoes of synthetic materials, leather, suede or fabric can have trademarks, which can be easily removed with a cloth dampened with white vinegar. Just pass in the exact spot and let it dry in the shade, of course.