Valandre Lafayette Sleeping Bag

Test conditions:

  • test locations: Himalaya, Andes, Patagonia, Iceland …
  • Number of nights: + 100 nights
  • Accommodation: shelter, tent, open air
  • Terms of the bivouac: any conditions
  • Weather conditions: all weather
  • Clothing: with and without clothes
  • Recorded T ° min: -8 ° C


  • Type of bag: goose down 90/10
  • Specifications: Form sarcophagus – opening locking ¼ zip on the front – drawstring at the hips, and head shot – Compression cover and additional storage.
  • Shell: 66 Impact Polyamide Rip-Stop WR treated déparlant
  • Cloth: Nylon Rip-Stop WR
  • swelling of quality down: 800 cu
  • Filling: 564 g goose down size M
  • Weight (with cover): 1023 g in size M
  • compressed volume: 5.5 L
  • Heat Index (Down weight in kg x cu): 451
  • Heat Index / weight ratio: 440
  • Report our comfort temperature / weight: 0.96
  • Report comfort temperature / weight: 0.93
  • Heat Index / volume ratio: 82
  • Report our comfort temperature / volume: 5.25
  • Report comfort temperature / volume: 5.12
  • Sizes: S: 170/200 cm – M: 185/215 cm – L: 200/230 cm
  • Color: orange
  • Manufactured in: Tunisia (making envelopes) and France (packed)
  • Price: from 360,00 € (different prices depending on size)

Temperatures in 13537 (data constructor):

  • Comfort:-2 ° C
  • Limit:-8 ° C
  • Extreme:-26C

Calculation of the comfort temperature

  • T°(confort) = -0,0413 x cuin + 14.1= -4,6°C

Points forts :

  • weight / heat and compression of the fluff
  • The front zip
  • The narrow cut as close to the body
  • The number of compartments (19)
  • Available in 3 sizes

Weak points :

  • The hood over time
  • Get out of down when everything is completely closed


Construction: 9 of 10

That’s 5 years that I use the Lafayette, and the fabric does not hang nor less wear. It is good. When the cut as close to the body is a true haute couture dress! Only the velcro at the sudden unraveling the drawstring.

Thermicity: 8 out of 10

The compartments 19 maintain the allot of down uniformly on the entire sleeping bag. According to, you will be warm from head to foot! Only the hood appears a little flat, the feathers are asking a massage so you do not end up with a feather ball. His drawstrings hip and suddenly you compartmentalized so that heat does not escape when your movements.

Practicality: 7 out of 10

The mini zip, which provides better insulation and better compression (one of the other strong points of the Lafayette) of the bag can be a negative for some people. This is not my case, I love this mini zip central. By cons, once wrapped in his sleeping bag, zip closed, tight drawstrings, it is quite tedious to unravel all morning and out of the bag.

The Lafayette is my bag-of-sleeping fetish, hot, light, comfortable, it follows me everywhere since my debut in the countered when nights are cool. Both mountaineering trekking that it is establishing itself as a duvet perform. Contrary to it suggests, the mini-zip is not its weakness, on the contrary. It allows to use the sleeping bag as an additional layer to the lower body at the bivouac, in a shelter … And the fact that it is central lets out his two arms, and not just one.