Using NFC to Hack Android

Discussed often on smartphones is unsafe or safe for hackers. Now it is reported the NFC can also pose a threat.

An attacker has found a method that makes use of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to hack into an Android mobile. All you have to do is to pass an NFC-transmitter.

NFC is a technology that makes it possible to transfer data wirelessly over short distances. The attacker can ask your browser in the phone to do anything via NFC. You can then get through the browser malware down on your smartphone.

The attacker also discovered that Android phones have NFC enabled as a starting point from the factory, which means many people walking around with phones that are ready to receive the files.

Android Beam is also enabled at the factory and can make accepted links to websites and files that are subsequently downloaded without the user’s consent.

Security expert and hacker Charlie Miller has discovered this vulnerability by NFC and Android Beam. He became known when he discovered a number of security vulnerabilities in the iPhone.