Use Google Maps Now Offline

Only too well we know it: We are in the middle of the nowhere and we have somehow to manage. Without a proper navigation device, we usually access the smartphone and turn on Google Maps. But this is not always easy. Often, said nowhere is so far removed that the bandwidth of our data connection leaves something to be desired. The GPS module in the smartphone is responsible for your position, but the map material is accessed via the mobile Internet connection. At least to this day, because now you can use Google Maps simply offline.Google announced on its I / O 2015 this feature and its introduction. Now it is finally reality.

How Does Google Maps Work Offline?

In order to use Google Maps offline, you need to download the maps to the desired region. Of course you need at least a decent connection to the Internet. The download of new maps is only possible via WLAN. At home this should not be a problem for most users. To do this, just enter the city or region of your choice and then tap the download link. Your smartphone is already downloading the map material and you can use it offline. This feature is particularly useful when you are in a strange city and want to visit special sights.

Google Maps: Online In Part-Time

The new feature in Google Maps allows you to choose whether the app should automatically switch to online mode or not. Then the application would automatically use the downloaded map material when the web cover is just miserable at your location. As soon as you have network again, Google Maps changes back to online mode. Alternatively, you can also completely ban the app at certain times to suck your data volume. In other countries, Google Maps would remain completely offline, so you do not incur any additional costs. You just use the map material you downloaded earlier. Google has taken an important step. This has been the biggest criticism and drawback of actual navigation devices that do not require an Internet connection to show you the right map.

On Street View

For many users, it is a big help to turn Google Street View on the road and to see how exactly their destination looks. If you are on the road and do not have too much data, you should still do without this function. Especially in connection with the offline function of the app can create unpleasant costs quickly.