Updos with Braids

Braids always be our allies to have a fantastic look, this time we will tell you as carry such collection, are spectacular.

8. Corona

Many celebrities have taken this collected because it has the effect of wearing a crown but made from braids, just need to do a braid in the front if your hair is very short, can do two, sujétalas and excess hair just have I hold that braids can not fall apart.

7. Classic

This collected once all we have been, first you have to make a ponytail can be high or medium, tie it and then make a braid she turns to the queue to make a bun, and subject to no hair out of place using spray or fixative.

6. Casual

For school days or you can ride this collected, you only need tomake a small braid on the back of your head, then pick it up in a high bun, it will look spectacular

5. Coleta

This hairstyle is super nice need to do a braid side you like, the braid can be simple or French, as you prefer, after meeting with the rest of your hair to form a low ponytail, together with a rubber band, but so that this is not seen with a strand of hair wraps around.

4. Rosa

Nicole Kidman and thus make your hair look like a rose, you first have to give volume to the front and the rest of your hair make a braid, then half your head starts to screw it and go.

3. Detail

Yes you have short hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you, since you can make a small braid in front, hold it with a brooch and the rest of your hair can curl.

2. Schoolgirl

This collected that takes Taylor Swift appears to be very innocent and tender, need to do a braid in the front to detach the fringe and the rest of the hair braiding and accommodate the reverse, that is, the braid on the right side must go left hand and left the right side.

1. Elegant

The latter hairstyle is very easy to do just need to do a half tail from side and then braiding, but the braid should be loose, tie it around the ponytail and subject, you must leave some strands of hair forward to rizarlos power, it will be a look very casual but also very sophisticated.

Braids are not synonymous with fachosa, as you read can be very elegant and beautiful, do not hesitate to use them for the next time.