Update Worsens the Search Function on the Galaxy S III

A new update for the Samsung Galaxy S (III) remove top model feature in the search function.

Samsung releases a stability update for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S (III), which removes the local search function from the unit. It writes our site.

The function has, could find content, kontaktoplysinger and the like on the device know that the user typed it in Google Search application.

Samsung will remove this feature in order to protect itself from a future lawsuit from Apple, which already has sued Samsung for the feature in Galaxy Nexus phone.

Search in Android 4.1 has changed, so here is Apple’s patent no longer applicable – because Google has chosen to use tabs to divide of the search results.

Apple and Samsung will meet in court on 30 June. July in a case, as the Wall Street Journal called “The Patent Trial of the Century”.