United Airlines Prevents Teenage Shipments with Legging Pants

(Reuters)-Two teenage girls in leggings were prevented from boarding a flight from United Airlines on Sunday for failing to meet the dress code for travelers with special passes, a company spokeswoman said.    To a furor in social networks.

The two passengers, who were traveling from Denver to Minneapolis with an escort, would not have been rejected for legging if they had paid for the tickets, Jonathan Guerin said in response to the controversy.

“They were told they could not board until they had corrected their garments,” Guerin said, adding that they and the companion had missed the flight.

Although the three passengers did not complain about the treatment, another passenger who heard the conversation, Shannon Watts, started a controversy on social networks with a series of tweets describing a policy that hinted at being unfairly targeted at women and girls.

“This behavior is sexist and sexualizes young girls,” Watts told Twitter. “Not to mention that families were mortified and harmed.”

United’s special pass holders are usually company employees, family members or friends.

Watts’s tweets and United’s defense touched on a sensitive issue for many women and girls who made legging pants an essential item. The popularity of the plays sparked criticism that they are unfit for certain circumstances, and some schools in the United States have banned students from using them in the classroom.

Later United issued a statement entitled “To our customers … their legging pants are welcome!” Explaining the policy to pass holders in more detail.

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