Ultimate Luxury Wall Mount Mirror

When choosing bathroom mirror, we should pay attention to three things – resistance to moisture sufficiently large and especially functionality. All this will get from furniture factory with our proposal for a bathroom mirror.

The model is extremely elegant with carved frame of solid wood. It is stable, elegant and weatherproof. Bathroom mirror of our company is not just a functional accessory for your bathroom and boutique furniture that will grace the room in every home.

Thanks to its graceful design bathroom mirror array of suits, both classic and modern interiors bathroom. You can put it in the bathroom in Roman style, where you will fit in perfectly with the beautiful marble bath. Or to deploy a modern bathroom with shower – the model will not lose its beauty and will stand as an interesting accent in an otherwise minimalist accent the room.

Bathroom mirror is made with traditional Bulgarian carving, the frame is extremely solid wood – solid. It can be made of oak, beech, cherry or lime, depending on your personal taste.

With dimensions of 700 mm 1000 this mirror is suitable for both large and for small spaces. Custom can develop it and larger sizes. From the “Colors” you can choose the right one for you as we have models with antique finishing in gold and silver tones.

You can also select it even in several different colors if you wish. And in order to do we even distressed if you have a preference for ancient design or artistic furniture. The model can be made entirely according to your wishes.

The advantages of this model are numerous, since it is exclusively made of solid wood. Superior to plastic models, as is a framework that has a protective coating and can withstand weather and its impact. Another advantage is that besides the bathroom you can place it where you like. Not to mention that the quantities we offer strong discounts.

Beautiful bathroom mirror factory is very elegant and beautiful. It is a worthy investment, because even after 50 will serve you faithfully.