Types of Water Bottles

For all water bottles, plastic, aluminum, glass etc. is always the trick when you purchase to rinse or wash them well, or fill them with water and leave it for a while and then throw it to remove odor and flavor again, kind of plastic.

Many walkers or people interested in camping and the great outdoors in general use as a water bottle outdoor classic military water bottles more or less modern. Aside from those employed up to 80 (aluminum water bottles with screw cap attached to it by a chain with cloth lining, followed by similar civilians, 70 years, with “machine”), you can find the classic Italian bottle with cap screw wide aluminum secured by a leather strap, used by the Italian army units until the 90, then replaced by hard plastic internal lining similar American derivation (bag, with fur inside) and mess bowl with built-in aluminum folding handles (stuck on the bottom, was placed with the bottle inside the bag). The bag closes with two eyelets that snap on separate buttons, on the back there are two metal loops to attach to the waist belt waist, (so called A.L.I.C.E. attack = All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment). Modern plastic ones have a similar bag made of cordura with a small pocket used to keep potabilizzanti pads.

These bottles are not particularly comfortable hiking, backpack first cluttering up a lot (in fact you should bring back attached to the waist belt) 80-90 years, aluminum weighs 580 grams empty (canteen + mess bowl+ bag) contains about 1.3 liters of liquid measured by the liquid just below the filler neck (whereby full weighs approximately 1880 grams) while the mess bowl has the ability to just under half a liter. Its size, with mess bowl and bag, are about 12x12x18cm. Modern plastics should have the ability to 1 liter (I don’t have one on hand to measure directly) and be a little lighter. Aluminum and plastic water bottles, than modern ones, have the characteristic to transmit to water the taste of the material they are made of, especially when new. As mentioned on the excursion are not the most comfortable but there are those who prefer the other, is available commercially on the internet or in local markets (those in aluminum, is no longer produced by at least 20 years, are often just collectibles), priced from 10 to 20 euro complete with bag and mess bowl. Also in modern plastic water bottles on mess bowl remains generally made of metal, so it can be used directly on the flame as a saucepan to warm tea, soup or other foods (for tea and broth someone uses directly the aluminum bottle!). A further problem of aluminum water bottles is the Cork that if aluminum, too (as in these military canteens), tends with time to wear out the thread.