Types of Watches

Pilot, scuba diver or athlete? Different types of clocks for different people and occasions

Men’s watches are a huge market. Only in 2014 had sales of Swiss watches just over SEK 15 billion. Also, there is a clock that is one-fits-all. It’s all about personal preferences and what men’s watches you prefer. Decide what style you have in General which clock you choose. But even the event, such as wedding, job interview or a night out should decide which clock you choose.

Now I can hear how all the clock enthusiasts mumbling things like “choose a timeless piece” or “do you have a real watch, you don’t have to worry about”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is in my opinion is wrong. There’s not a clock that works across everything. You are not looking for a job at McDonalds and take on your Brietling Avenger II. No matter how much you love the watch so will your potential employers see you as something of a Bunny.

With that said by localtimezone, a timeless and pocket watch after all is a safe bet. But the pocket watch for 40 000 kroons may not always go on the wrist.

A classic dial

The classic dial is around 40 to 42 mm and you want something that is a little different, you should instead go up in size and choose something that is around 48-50 mm.

The bracelet

When you choose the comfort strap, it is important that you choose one that goes in the style of the clock itself. Do you have a set of watches, you can even match your watch with your other accessories or shoes. A Brown belt, footwear and watch straps can be the perfect combination for a Navy blue suit. Select a white shirt with extreme cut away collar, and, for example, a yellow-and mörksilverfärgad tie.

There are several categories of watches and to make it easy we go briefly through the various.