Types of Wall Clocks: Modern, Retro and Stick

Time is certainly variable, which is very important for us. How else would we know what time to get up to school or to work, when we are riding the bus or when the film begins in the cinema? The clock is simply a thing without which none of us can do.

Classic VS. Designer

The term classic clocks imagine those that are round, they have a typical dial with Arabic numerals and hands. This type of clock you can come outdated, but still has its place in the interior. They are often seen even in home, schools and offices.

Nowadays, however, people yearn for some designer accessories for your home. Thus, in addition to the basic functions – measurement of time, get another function, which is to complete the interior. Only through hours of boring living room can deliver playfulness, originality and style.

Modern VS. Retro

Most popular categories are completely modern wall clocks. They prove that the clock may be a necessity, which hangs on the wall. It can be a beautiful modern accessory that lights up any room. In stores or on the Internetages.com you have plenty to choose from. Manufacturers are literally competing over who comes up with the most original piece. You can choose from many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The clock is made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. They can also be themed – with motifs of kitchen accessories for the kitchen, with motifs of office supplies to offices etc.

Retro style is one that is indeed outdated, but at certain intervals returning as a trend. They are actually things that went out of fashion, but after a time, then returned to the limelight. Thus, despite its (un) modernity have their supporters retro clock and still can be seen in the interior. Not even hurt to put those hours into a modern interior. Then it created an interesting contrast between the past and the present.

Retro Wall Clock

Stick hours

When buying a stick-hours to receive clockwork with hands and then single digits or dots, dashes (depending on the design). Then clockwork and numbers you place yourself on the wall to your liking. If you get tired of the look you need to peel off a few digits and stick instead dots or make some other change. Imagination has no limits.