Types of Tents According to the Seasons and the Use

Tents can be classified into 5 different stations depending on weather conditions and the activity for which they are intended.

2 stations

Thoughts for families or groups of friends who like campsites in summer. They are spacious tents as described in outdoor products with spacious common areas, high ceilings and high ventilation. This is mainly for two reasons:

  • Using them several people need spacious common areas to eat or play cards for example.
  • During the warm nights rest can be affected by excessive heat or condensation.

On the other hand, before summer storms should be tolerant of weak wind and waterproof and media.

3 stations

Shops for trekking or hiking in spring, summer or autumn. As normally transported for several days, the weight and volume of the store is stored in your bag are reduced.

To be used in the field and in conditions of rain, they are shops that must be resistant and be prepared to withstand medium and heavy rains and strong winds. They are also easy to assemble and have good ventilation.

3 light stations

To the increase of activities in the field such as trekking, mountain biking, trail running or orientation, activities where every gram counts, have been born stores 3 light stations.

These shops enhance the qualities of lightness, low volume on stock exchange and ease of Assembly.

4 seasons

Shops for trekkings of medium and high mountain that can be used throughout the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

Its main feature is the resistance to storms and snowfall by what its design, fabrics and linkage will be elastic, impermeable and resistant. Even in the most adverse conditions should be able to easily mount.

The user of these stores need are spacious to store your clothes and materials while continuing to be the lightest and occupy less space as possible since there are slopes for several days. Being more adapted to withstand the cold and have a greater insulation from the outside, ventilation is reduced.

5 stations

Similar to the 4 seasons but are used mainly in Alpine outings. For this reason they will be exposed to extremes of cold, rain, wind and snow. Deepens its resistance to storms and blizzards maintaining its ease of mounting and reduced weight.

In our shop you can see examples of all types of tents and browse more in depth the characteristics of each one.