Types of Security Cameras

As Security installations are becoming more frequent, it is vital to select security cameras suitable for each application. For this reason, we are presenting the most popular types of security cameras .

Use the following information as a guide of reference for the types of cameras that are available in the market and some of its key features.

Beyond this list, there are many names for the security cameras and different models.

Security cameras

Let’s start with the types of cameras:

Bullet camera

A Bullet CCTV camera is a camera mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, which is typically intended for use indoors, but may also be applied outdoors. The camera takes its name from its elegant slim cylindrical shape. Many cameras of this type are also resistant to water. The camera is not normally designed to have the control to make a panoramic view, tilt or zoom, but instead is responsible for capturing images of a given area. The unit is mounted pointing to an area in particular.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras owe their name to their shell shaped dome which are placed. These cameras are designed to be inconspicuous, not covert or hidden, i.e. the camera is designed to be discreet but visible.

These units have two purposes, thieves know they are being monitored and the owners feel the security that the installation is being protected. Many types of dome cameras can rotate 360 ° at a fast speed.

Speed dome cameras

These cameras have the ability to make a panoramic view, tilt and zoom. Give the operator the surveillance capacity to move the camera left or right, up or down, zoom in and out.

These cameras are designed so that a guard is monitoring the image and manipulating the camera. However, there are cameras that are automated so that they move based on something already synchronized.

As one of the Tips that we provide you with, these domes often are used to cover a wide area with a single camera.

Desktop camera

These small cameras are very suitable for use of Skype and other applications of teleconference of low resolution.

Hidden cameras

Is it a clock?, is it a smoke detector?, is the motion sensor?. The real answer is none of the above. These are just some of the costumes of the hidden cameras.

These cameras are placed into an object such as smoke detectors, sensors of movement, mirrors, etc, this is the reason why go unnoticed by people.

Infrared and night vision cameras

These night vision cameras have the ability to see images in black or dark conditions through the use of LEDs.