Types of Outdoor Cameras

The key to these cameras for outdoor or outdoor is the own casing, which is impervious to moisture, insects, dust and other elements.

Camera day / night

They are made to compensate for variable light conditions so that the camera can capture images. These are mainly used in applications where the security camera is placed in a parking lot, for example outdoors. In many cases, units have a wide dynamic range to operate in the glow of light, direct sunlight, strong light and reflections.

Varifocal cameras

Allows the operator to a camera with a varifocal lens zooming (deluxesurveillance), keeping the focus on the image.

IP cameras

These cameras, either with cable and Wireless, they allow to transmit video images over the Internet, often they compress the bandwidth in order not to saturate the web. IP cameras are easier to install than analog cameras, since they do not require a separate cable or power uprate to send images to one greater distance.

With a camera of this type you can use your smartphone or some similar electronic device for your home or business from anywhere in the world without any other equipment.

Wireless cameras

Not all wireless cameras are based on IP. Some wireless cameras can use alternative modes of wireless transmission. But no matter the method of transmission, the main advantage of these units remains the same: greater flexibility in the installation.

High definition cameras

They are often relegated to niche markets, such as casinos. These give the operators the possibility of extending the image with clearly extreme (see the poker players, for example, to someone who might have something up his sleeve).

In the past, these cameras were analog-based tubes, but the digital technology of today has shifted to older units.

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