Types of LED Lights Strips

The holidays are over and we are back to present you our new range of LED strips. To illuminate the inside of a closet, above a work plan, in tight areas, the LED Strip is ideal.

All-purpose LED Strips

Finished spots that illuminate the whole House, that heat and consuming. Over the unsightly neon. This is the LED strips that settle easily, quickly and anywhere.

They are long and thin, ultra flat with spots, they effectively light your work plan, your closet, a ledge… You have to choose the design, the model, the material.

Strip Linklight, Basic With Possibility of Extension Pack

Supplied with accessories for a connection and an easy and quick installation. These LED strips use only 7.5 Watts for 380 Lumens of light (equivalent to a traditional bulb of 40W), widely enough to illuminate a work plan, a walk-in closet. A real treat!

Special for Closet

The star of this new collection, the light rod. To suspend your shirts, she settles in your closet and lights automatically thanks to the motion detector. It can be shortened easily with a hacksaw.

Light Strip for Drawer

Nothing more than practice a drawer that lights up when you open it. This scale is easy to install and lights at the end of the fingers with his tactile switch.

Small and Autonomous

The Wireless LED strips are absolutely not bulky and work with batteries. Completely independent she slip around. To illuminate a drawer, shelf, closet, she automatically illuminate through their motion detector.

LED strips for all places, for all uses, for all budgets. Discover the range here.