Types of Jeans Fit

Finding the right pair of jeans is a little ‘how to find his best friend, heeled shoe that does not make us suffer the pains of hell or the scent from which we will never part. The models are so many to choose from, and especially in recent years have become so different from each other that the risk of choosing the wrong one is really great!

The problem is not so much the fact that a pair of jeans can be there better or worse than another, but the fact that every piece of clothing we choose to wear should be able to enhance our body and our physical hiding our faults and enhancing our strengths! If a dress or a pair of “classic” elegant trousers the risk of making mistakes is relatively limited, with the slips jeans are really around the corner and the risk of highlighting the flaws or even “create them” it is really high!

That’s why I thought that, given the great boom of the denim that there was in this spring / summer 2014, could be beneficial to all have a mini-guide through which you can choose your jeans in peace!


Are depopulating this year because they are comfortable and very versatile, and more often have an effect used very eye-catching! Must be brought coiled at the bottom and are perfect paired with high heels to flat shoes how Slipon, are perfect for you if you have a physical a little ‘androgynous rectangular bust and the waist slightly marked, they will help to soften the forms!


They are like a second skin because they are super adherent and often stretch! Are depopulating especially among fashion bloggers, they are perfect for those with narrow hips and thin calves!


They are similar to the skinny jeans defined by relationshipsplus, but are less adherent. Follow the line of the body with no wrap it then too. They are perfect for those on a proportioned physique.


They returned to the great year even though not all have the courage to wear them (I recommend NEVER without heels!!). They are perfect for you if you have the sides a bit ‘abundant because they manage to camouflage them well!


Are jeans that go and they will go, the most classic of all that is those who have the leg that goes down regularly to the ankle!
They’re good for you if you have narrow hips and legs not too skinny!