Types of Headphones

There are many types of headphones, but depending on how we find models that already know and that are familiar, even if you do not know that they are called so. They are the in-ear and on-ear and over-ear.


The options of Bluetooth headsets iPhone that are in-ear, they are more limited, if however you can find some models that are worth the penalty that attaches to your iPhone and have a bit of cable to the two ears, aside from put clear inside the cavity. In fact for less than 30 euros one of the more versatile that we recommend most is the Sony SBH20.

Best price found: €29
It is the simplistic options that we had commented. There are no vocals or interesting noise-canceling orders and such. However if you just want something in-ear quite neutral and cheap this is an ideal choice.

In the case that already you’re looking for one Apple helmets which have more quality, already I would jump to the option of sport which we have listed above. Audio quality there climbs also have interesting features.


The on-ear are those Earphone for iPhone (and other devices) covering the ears slightly. The quality in these cases usually already be greater than the in-ear on those models that are in the same price range. An example of some good on-ear, are the best value for money that you have linked in the section “how I want to spend my” comparison.


Those covering the ears completely. It must be said that this type of helmets are not used to how headphones iPhone 7 or of any version, since they are very bulky. In addition, as they are made to have the highest quality of sound, they also tend to have cables that accompany them.