Types of Formal Leather Gloves

If used as a stylish accessory for a formal occasion or a need to fashion for winter heating, long leather gloves offer timeless appeal.

Leather Gloves for Formal Occasions

Dress gloves popularized in the XVI and XVII. Although subsequent periods looked less resistant glove with increasing long-sleeved dresses, long gloves remained still. One aspect of the 1950s fashion is the glove; In fact this was sometimes called the last golden age of the glove, when celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Gina Lollobrigida was known to wear long gloves. Today, this look is back, and the woman can once again celebrate this stylish accessories, sexy and polished style.

Dress leather gloves Women can be a stylish accessory for very formal occasions. These are often very long, above the elbow (sometimes called the length of the Opera) and usually worn with formal clothes. Audrey Hepburn popular three-quarter length glove that falls just below the elbow, which is also a popular length formal glove. It is a delicious accompaniment to strapless, of the shaft, and other styles sleeveless dress tonight.

When Wear

Every opportunity that dress requirements are “white tie” is suitable to wear dress long gloves.Formal wedding, formal opera and other musical events, theater formal dinners, parties, dances, charity events and other social events and work are all places dress leather gloves can be worn with evening dresses for women.

Types of Formal Leather Gloves

High quality leather, eg Nappa leather is best for a woman in connection with the purchase of leather gloves formal. These are not only more comfortable, but look and wear the most beautiful too. The gloves are unlined, or can be covered with cashmere or silk, button, or slip on styles. Styles include:

  • Straight, fringed gloves wall
  • Gloves finished edge
  • Gloves ruffled
  • Lace-up styles
  • Slightly flared or flared arm styles

White and black are still the classic colors, but today the formal leather gloves are available in two shades and colors of metallic leather and in a number of different shades including red, brown, blue, green, gray, gold, purple, burgundy

Where to buy

  • Ines Gloves: These gloves European luxury arrived almost to the elbow and are available in a rainbow of colors.
  • Carolina Amato: long elbow length gloves, as seen in the Bazaar and Allure
  • Hand and glove offers different styles of opera length leather gloves and long.
  • Online shopping sites like Amazon and HSN
  • High-end department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s has selected pairs available
  • Ebay and vintage shops can have styles available leather gloves vintage

Long Winter Leather Gloves

No need to have a formal occasion to wear leather gloves long winter. Practical and stylish, leather has long been an excellent choice for cold weather accessories for women. For cycling gloves, you can visit cheeroutdoor. While formal gloves often reach above the elbow, but cold leather gloves are generally no longer. Lengths vary from above the wrist to mid-forearm to the elbow.

Types of Cold Leather Gloves

Black is one of the most popular colors for styling cold, but other neutral colors such as brown and beige, is also widely available. A range of fashion colors, from the Navy to the yellow and many shades in between are also sold. The gloves are often targeted, and sometimes insulated for extra protection against the cold. Casual styles can have great detail, but the pair of dressier fur or faux fur cuffs, cinching wrist, or other functional details and style.

Where To Buy

You can buy leather gloves for winter wear in some department stores, many retailers leather goods, and specialty stores within a range or price points. Need some inspiration? Check out these great long leather gloves for the winter:

  • Echo design touch leather / cashmere gloves available from Zappos
  • Gloves online: fur-lined glove styles Women