Types of Fishing Rods and Reels

The fishing rod is a tool used to practice the hobby of fishing, generally used for small to medium sized fish. It consists of a rod that can be adjusted at will, to which it will be applied to a fishing line, made of transparent nylon. The hook, located at the end of the auction, can be varied and more or less flexible. Serves to attract fish with bait, and ends with a hook to which they remain entangled.


The rods can be: reel, in Moscow or fixed. Typically almost all are flexible so they can be dismantled and then transported more easily.

The reeds “bait casting” named so because made with a system that Rewinds the thread with the bait. With this rod using baits such as the rapala or the spoons, and the reel with its movement serves fish, who believe it is insects that move.

The fishing rod “in Moscow” is characterized by a slightly heavier than normal, a rat tail, which is run with the bait for sale.

The choice of model fishing rod is made according to what you want to fish and where it intends to do so. For example, if you practice trout fishing in rivers or streams, the most suitable type of fishing rod is teleadjustable”.

This type of fishing rod, enables to fish by choosing from what distance do so, as has a system of blocks can change the length. At the same time the rod teleadjustable is also pretty rigid, and this enables us to recognize and report any even slight movement of the line. This sensitivity is very useful especially when the current is very strong.

Some models reach 13 metres long. Being the line consists of some lead weights, you can explore the places where trout may have hidden. The fishing rod “fixed” is the most simple to use, suitable for Lake, and whose length cannot be changed.

Every type of fishing rod involves the use of some accessories which facilitate fishing, and even then the choice should be made taking into account what and where must draw another card.


A good fisherman (but even a novice) must know what enhancements are most useful to simplify and increase the effectiveness of its work. It is therefore advisable to obtain a box with various compartments, where they settle down small accessories necessary whenever you go fishing.

Here is a list of these accessories: disgorger; the leads; the reel; scissors; the rod holders; the swivel; the yarn; ami; the landing net. The need to eliminate the hook disgorger that gets caught in the fish’s mouth, without damaging it.

There are various sizes, depending on how big the fish’s mouth. The leads are indispensable accessories in every fishery. It can be of various shapes and sizes. The most commonly used open in half and inside you insert the wire. After that close with the line itself. Smaller weights measure 13, that larger measure zero.

Between one and the other are the intermediate measures. The reel is used to pull the thread to which you are attached. It is important that this movement is performed quickly but accurately, otherwise the fish can escape. Typically the reel is given with the fishing pole, but it is always useful to have one in reserve. The most common and widespread is the Reel drum.

There are large and small eddies. Scissors can be used as an alternative to disgorger, always taking care not to damage the fish. The rod holder is used to transport the fishing rod from one place to another quickly and conveniently. You can choose between several models on the market, there are some that can also contain 10 reeds! The swivel is to improve the “hype”.

It is not an accessory used extensively, so much so that most fishermen don’t even know him. The yarn is crucial for fishing. It is inserted into the barrel and serves to support the fish.

If this is large, then the wire must be heavier and more robust. The hooks are indispensable accessories for fishing. On the market there are of various sizes, but the best are those square curve or strangulated, which hold well the bait.

Finally there is the landing net, which is nothing but the network which carries the fish took the bait. There are too many shapes and sizes.