Two Things about Fashion Weeks

The SPFW is still only beginning and my timeline was flooded with reviews of shows, looks of the day, celebrities in the queue, beauty tutorials of parades, new faces that promise to be the next Gisele.

Two Things about Fashion Weeks

The truth is that it’s exhausting even SPFW who won’t. That’s a lot of information, some good, useful and inspiring, others that we could have perfectly lived my whole life without knowing it.

I’m not even going to procrastinate a lot because next week will have post with the trends that I think are worth investing (or that we already have in the closet, what’s even better, right?). But, in the middle of so much thing that ever happened in these two days, I decided to highlight two things called me attention and I want to share soon so you don’t miss and end up forgetting. So, let’s them rapidex.

Alexandre Herchcovitch, What’s Not To Love?

I admire Alexander absurdly. I think he’s a phenomenal guy. Intelligent, genuine and very creative, he’s the kind of person who never seems to have been content with the gifts with which he was born. Spent entire career if challenging, evolving, learning, daring and presenting new things each season. A guy that takes fashion seriously, without mimimi.

In addition to all this, he still worries about spending all that knowledge forward. Alexander is super involved with educational initiatives such as São Paulo and Senac.

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, he still makes me a parade and sends a single ticket in the invitation you guys get there by bus/subway.

It’s so wonderful that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s go for items:

Encourage people to use public transportation is wonderful in itself.

Encourage people who probably never use public transport except when they are in New York City to use public transport in São Paulo is more beautiful still.

“Jojo, but public transportation in Brazil is terrible and in NY is good.” Better yet! Nothing like encouraging people to use public transportation for them to realize how bad and start to help change. Because, let’s face it, there are many people that don’t have the alternative of get a uber to go to work every day.

To be more wonderful, if the event had been on a Monday, in rush hours.

The parade was beautiful and subversive. I loved this story of FFW(one of my favorite sites to accompany the parades) and the way they described the mood of the parade and the necessary technical predicament for the production of clothes. Fashion taken seriously 10 level.

All beautiful, all good. Shame was knowing that the audience is not very in tune with the stylist’s proposal. Apparently few embraced the challenge to reach the parade as the stylist had suggested. Preferred to go in the comfort of air conditioning. A shame.

Camila Coutinho, Follow You Admiring

I quite like Camila Coutinho. I think the stupid girls a blog with content very well done, well-chosen, well-written tariffs. And see how a smart Lady Camila Coutinho and entrepreneur who knew how to turn a hobby into a real business and that is an example to anyone who (like me) is that toil.

The truth is that I follow the Cami too because I think she’s as close as I’ll get to certain places. The backstage of the Pucci show by example. As much as I’m out of my reality, I think interesting to know what’s going on and how does an event like this.

The point is, most of the times we came with the bloggers during these events, all we see are the parties, the front row, the photos to fotógrados. Anyway, the moments of glamour. And, I confess, it fills me with a little bag because it’s always the same thing.

So, I loved this video that Camila did post fashion week in Milan. The idea was to follow a day of fashion week of Cami. But a day of truth, with ups and downs. So honest, sympathetic and, in the end, as more interesting, see the apt she rented, the makeup that she did, the process of writing the products that the makeup artists are using in templates or why change between one event and another. I loved hearing the excitement almost girlish when she talks about participating in the parade of Prada, or tiredness at the end of the day along with the desire to escape the hype and just go eat a pizza.

The video is this up here, but you can check out the whole post there of stupid girls here.

That’s it, guys. Next week I speak more of Fashion Week.