Two 50 Gram Led Light from Verbatim, Please! (Update)

Indeed – a GU10 LED spot and an E14-LED “Candle” the “Mitsubishi Chemical”– daughter verbatim have something together except for the “warm white” colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin: weigh both 50 grams. What else unites them or separates, is in this double test with the 6.5 watts strong “LED PAR16 GU10″ and”Classic B Matt E14 3.8 W”.

I had you which verbatim-LED-spot you should buy if you want to replace high-voltage halogen lamps up to 50 w, already betrayed well a week ago. Strong 25.99 euros is the MSRP for the 7-Watt GU10 lamp with 370 lumens light power and 850 candela light intensity.

Three euro can save you, if it also ‘ number may be a weaker: then get anoutwardly identical spot with 6.5 Watt power consumption, 240 lumens, and 580 candela (picture on the right). That’s enough mostly as a replacement for GU10 halos up to 35 watts.

Together, the two pseudo twins have the nominal color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, the beam angle of 35 degrees, the colour rendering index CRI 80 and the perfect “Retrofit”-Passform of less than 50 mm diameter and 58 mm total length (with pins).

Very low efficiency

Who’s looked at the math at the school, which holds the hand in the height already all excited and gets: “Hey, something not with efficiency right!” Right, the difference between the two verbatim LED spots is striking: while the 7W-Lamp to just under 53 lumens/Watt, creates the darker nominally only 37.

This can be on a quite a Unterforderung of the lonely “COB”LED-module under the lens/lens close; itself, not a bad character, because usually the light quality and lifetime benefits. The 6,5W-Spot in an open version is certainly not hotter than the 7W-Lampe with maximum 60 ° c in the warmest of housing.

That, however, their light colour slightly “warmer” and more looks like 2700 Kelvin as the stronger verbatim spotlight, should rather be my subjective feeling as a measurable value. Light output is just usually a little “colder” – even in otherwise identical LED lamps.

Dimmer the brightness may lump

The differences in the light effects are, of course, no imagination. 580 candela light have now not the range of 850 times. If you read a book can distance the weaker spot in approximately three metres achieved at the stronger even in five meters distance. The lateral spreading of the beam is however pretty identical (pictured left).

Also, there are no noticeable differences at the dimming and switching behavior: even of the 6,5W-Spot lights up without any noticeable delay and can be regulated flacker – and silently. With my test phase dimmers without Justierschräubchen was the range only between approximately 5 and 1 Watt power consumption. This means that you cover no more than a light power breakdown between about 200 and 50 lumens. The full performance there were only with a dimmerlosen switch.

This once again underlines the indispensability of LED compatible, finely adjustable dimmer. Without that you are can exploit usually not the complete potential of expensive, Dimmable LED lamps.

Yet what cycles and warranty goes?

Verbatim somewhat optimistically specifies the Energiesparvorteil compared to a comparable halogen lamp with 85%, promises very good 35,000 hours of light, but only 18,000 cycles and two year “limited warranty”. Because much air is in my opinion upwards – especially at this price level.

My conclusion: “LED PAR16 GU10” spot verbatim has an incredibly weak efficiency while in comparison the “professional range”lamps, yet may be recommended. Attractive appearance, solid construction, top fit, good Dimmability, pleasant light colour and very decent color rendition of the presumably long life are its advantages. Negative hit the far lower than average nominal switching resistance and the high price in the trading post. He should be actually under 20 and not officially 22,99 Euro (RRP).

Unfortunately a premature failure

Update 26.10.2016: Only about three and a half years the test spot on my endurance test “slaughter” has endured, where on average about eight hours a day art light – but rarely with full power. The 6.5-Watt spotlights “made in Malaysia” was yesterday all of a sudden completely dark and was no longer even after a long cool-down period to bring life.

Instead of the promised 35,000 18,000 cycles rated life (pdf datasheet) or lamp hours he managed only about 11,000 hours and approximately 4000mal / from. After very long time defect free, once again, that was the first failure in this dimmer circuit with a total of 14 LED spots of from different manufacturers.

And again 50 grams…

Our second test candidate by verbatim moves in bezahlbareren dimensions: the “Classic B Matt E14 3.8 W” (picture on the right) comes in a blister packaging with green color, the indicator of the cheap “consumer range” (above a snippet of the back). It is not dimmable, can replace a conventional 20-Watt-“Candle” and officially costs 12.99 euros.

What has them in common except the 50 g weight with the above tested GU10 spot? The absolute silence on the luminaires, the nominal color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, “warm white”, the colour rendering index of at least CRI 80 and curiously the maximum temperature of approx. 60 ° c in continuous operation at an open version. Officially 200 lumens it creates on this about the same value of the luminous flux, the GU10 lamp my test dimmer ‘ wanted to back out.

When you turn a slight delay is in direct comparison – the “Candle” led lights up after nearly a half-second. Then it is but “fully there” and boasts a pleasant, not too reddish colour and akzebtabler efficiency: round 53 lumen/Watt to be according to factory specification. If I can believe my eyes and a measuring device, there are a few more more. The brightness is namely subjectively over 200 lumen and the lamp is slightly less than the nominal 3.8 Watts from the mains power supply.

Relatively of wide beam

Officially, the angle is not estimated. Starting from my light image you can count probably (photo below) and a verbatim measuring chart with a half value angle of about 150 and a field angle of approximately 200 degrees. At least half of the maximum luminous intensity emitted in the first-mentioned area, there are at least 10 percent in the wider angle. I guess the “cut-off”angle, beyond that, it will be quite duster, at 240 degrees.

Here’s is bright, but rather round and wide surface not only in one direction. The verbatim LED Candle not only hanging in the living room makes a good figure, but also in the small floor lamp on the side table or as a homely “atmosphere” lighting in the bedroom, where highly intense beam of light would disturb.

Extensive “retrofit”-Passform

Probably she fits easily into existing lamps because it is not much larger than a traditional “glow” with 102 mm in length and 38 mm maximum diameter. Probably here somewhere, I mentioned the weight of 50 grams. It is more than 15 g over a Dutch 4-Watt E14 competition model, should overwhelm but also not lamp fixture.

The verbatim data life and warranty do not differ little from those for the “professional range”– spot: Two-year limited warranty, 30,000 hours of light, 20,000 cycles.

My conclusion: The verbatim “Classic B Matt E14 3.8 W” can be somewhat more than the Pack with the print “80% energy saving” promises (picture top right). In many cases, you can replace even a traditional 25wamplifier “Candle” with this 3.8-watt LED lamp what would be equivalent to a saving of approximately 85%.

If you want to not dimming and a copy of the yellow red color impression of a light bulb, but prefer something “whiter” and more neutral light with decent color rendition, the verbatim will be well enjoyed. The retail price of 12.99 euros a year ago would have been more competitive. There are now some serious competitors with comparable LED lamps under the 10-euro threshold. Click ITYpeauto.