Twitter Prepares Own Shortener URL

Still regarding Chirp conference, among the various novelties presented to the service microblog is creating a url shortener own.

“Many people have solved the problem of reducing the large web addresses in the tweets, but on our website we will not give options to choose from for our users. Anyone who wants to use a different shortener will have to use another app, “said Evan Williams, one of the founders of the service, a legitimate moment à la Steve Jobs.

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Currently there are several specialized services in decreasing the size of the internet addresses so that they fit the scrawny 140 characters available, such as,, Twurl and classic Tiny URL. Potential names for the new service can be or, the first of which is already used to prevent service users from falling into traps online.

The conference was also marked by the revelation of the number of users of the microblogging site. For a long time the audience of service was estimated by analysts who estimated that about 70 million mariners postavam regularly. But Williams himself who tried to present the official figures, somewhat inflated: According to the executive, currently Twitter has 105 million users.